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Payment still processing in Ripple network

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Long story short I tried to transfer money from hosted wallet to ripple wallet and it's still processing 2 days later. Yes I sent an email to support, but it's taking too long. You can just imagine how

frustrated I am that something like this can happen. I understand ripple is working out the kinks but this is kinda "annoying" and hopefully this can be fixed soon.


Thanks guys


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10 hours ago, enej said:

Hi @theroadnottaken,

just seeing this now. I have informed our developers about the processing issue and this should be resolved soon.

Sorry for the wait. Feel free to send me PM directly if anything like this happens in the future.

Kind regards,



Hi Enej,

Just curious to know about the time frame of your replies as i sent u a PM few days ans still awaiting for reply..??



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