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New to Ripple, Confused.


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Ok. So I've been working with crypto now for over a month and have a basic knowledge. I am a bit confused on Ripple and cannot seem to find the answers I need.

I have finally purchased ripple and hold it on my Binance account. I am wanting to transfer it from my Binance wallet to my Desktop Rippex wallet (Mac). In the app on the top of the screen I see my ripple address. This part I'm good with. When I go to withdraw on my binance account, it asks me for Label and XRP Withdrawls Tag. From what I understand Label I can just insert my name, or Rippex. What is the withdrawals tag and how do I generate it via the Rippex Desktop Wallet or the Binance account. Confused on the withdrawals tag. 


Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this and assist me.

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I watched a guy on YouTube and he said to leave the tags alone. But I withdraw xrp from binance to rippex and now I don’t know where my xrp are at??? I went to rippex.com and entered my info and it says they are still validating my info. It has been 5 days. I’m nervous about this as I’m new to it. 

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