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Accidentally Deleted My Wallet


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Hi all, I am new to Gate hub and as well the crypto Currency thingy.


so here is my case,

I Created a Ripple Wallet (Called "BTC"), on top of having a default primary Wallet. Using this wallet (Called "BTC"), i used the Deposit Option of using BTC, with the following BTC Address 1HNqa3Xhma6v1owPEf2dXncgbHZtb5xzNy. Just while i was doing something, i accidentally deleted my Ripple Wallet (Called "BTC") and now i am worried am not going to receive my BTC, because this BTC is used as deposit to enable my wallet. After i have deposited my BTC to my address, waiting close to 3 hours, i  received the 20 XRP from Gate Hub, and when i received the 20 XRP,  i should have transferred it to my other Ripple Wallet (Called"BTC") and enable the trustline, but i have deleted them, and now i am worried, could you please help restore the wallet back, so that i can enable the trustline and recieve my BTC.

i have also send a message to the Gate hub support team, it has been more then a day, am not sure how long to wait. i just dont want the BTC to get burned.

I have read some if i had a secret key of my ripple Wallet (Called "BTC"), i can have restored back, but sadly i dont have them, i only have the recovery key , which is used for the account in case i forgot my password.


can anyone help me.,.






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