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Bug in Gatehub exchange resulting in sell order above balance


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It would be great if any of you could help me out with this, because I'm really stressing out:

On gatehub I wanted to exchange my deposited btc balance for xrp. The deposited btc balance was 0.0122. In the exchange screen I clicked on 'all available' in the 'you will spend' field, after which I confirmed the order.

Then I noticed that Gatehub somehow created a sell order for 0.02 btc, which was higher than my BTC balance.  The transaction history shows only my balance of 0.0122 was exchanged.

(edit: as it turns out this issue is being caused by a bug which can be reproduced; see youtube video two posts below here).

My question is, what happens to the remainder of my sell order? Do I somehow have a debt now of about 0,0078 btc towards gatehub or anyone else? I've added extra BTC funds after the transaction, but it seems the transaction will not update for the remaining amount. I don't seem to have an option to cancel the remaining part of the order either?

Can someone explain this to me? I'm really worried about this.. :(.




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Adding gatehub tag for them to notice, plus i put in the exact amounts (instead of estimates) so that people can find them with the hash. Also edited title to be more accurate.
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