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Is Ledger Nanso S as good as it gets?


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7 minutes ago, alpha6164 said:

I just read about the member having 700,000 XRP stolen out of his account and it made my stomach sick cause i have just a little over that so now I am panicked until my Nano S gets here. 

Same here. Mine was delivered today. Can't wait to get home and move it all over.

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1 hour ago, alpha6164 said:

I have a pretty good amount of XRP in my gatehub wallet. But somehow still uneasy that it is just sitting out there. Is the Ledger Nano S as good as it gets for safety and having a cold wallet storage solution? 

it does what its supposed to and its pretty easy to use i like it

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I bought one last week...absolutely love it! Easy to set up and use.

Have all my XRP on it and locked away in a safe. I feel so much better!

I pulled it out the other day "just to check" that everything is okay...yep. Also like looking at the numbers in there!

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I have 4, I bought one before investing my hard earned money in Crypto. Bought 3 more after the recent run, was delivered in two days to Australia from France, those are for my kid, nephew and niece. they will have a great future I believe. :) 

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Just got it.  Set it up and even put wrong pin three times to erase the Nano S and restarted and my 24 work phrase worked and got my small deposit to show up. Then tx the large sum.  I feel so relieved that all that XRP is not just sitting out there. 

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