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E-Banking software supporting Ripple?


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I´m about to start an internet bank soon and would like to hear if you know and could recommend any e-banking software that already "understands" XRP as nominee currency. 

I start with USD and EUR accounts and offer clients crypto investment packages  etc... XRP accounts would be added a little later during 2018.

At a later stage the bank would provide ICO´s and take care of AML/KYC to make all this more secure and transparent for both investors and entrepreneurs seeking for funding.


One more issue. I would like to hear members opinion of a bank issuing accounts on XRP? 

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10 hours ago, at3n said:

@P3T3RIS A bank issuing EUR/USD IOUs that are guaranteed by a government scheme would be excellent.

What countries do you plan to operate in?

Plans are to establish Financial Institute in Singapore, but clients would be european in the beginning because of language. Don't want to be more precise just yet.

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