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Problem with 2FA deactivation


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Good afternoon,

I would like to know how long the procedure is before Gatehub is responding to tickets.

Sunday I lost my phone with my 2FA. I have send my 'selfie' with my ID to the support e-mail so they could confirm it is indeed me who is asking to deactivate it.

I have not heard anything since.

If I am too impatient please tell me, but I just want to use my account. 

Kind regards,

Tim B



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congratulation TMB

Can you share your succesful experience ? I faced the same problem from 30/12/2017 until now ( 7/1/2018) . No reply from Gatehub support.

1. for how long did they deactive your 2FA ?

2. What is your content you sent to them ? ( photo ? ID ? what is the ID ? how to add the ID , the text and date attached to the photos?)

Thank you very much.

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