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Does anyone know about p2pay?

rp2PaYDxVwDvaZVLEQv7bHhoFQEyX1mEx7 (~p2pay-Cold)

rhhPzptf4EdiRRopSVC3AEbHwDa9df8y2i (~akhavr - hot)


There are a couple things out there named p2pay; I'm not sure what's connected to this. Maybe this Ukranian guy? https://twitter.com/akhavr & https://github.com/akhavr & http://42coffeecups.com/ (Must be: https://github.com/42cc/ripple_api/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=p2pay)

There are a few hundred thousand p2pay USD IOUs outstanding and a bunch of other IOUs (like CCK) that I've seen floating around.

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I've seen this CCK, most of them seems like related to Ukranians :)


must be related to 42cofeecups

I've seen other CCB, CCM, CCC, CCA

I guess first CC means cofeecups (Might be an idea to pay with a token - cofeecup)


I'm interested about



Do they just resell Ripple in China?

and what about this one:


Is it a real account of alibaba ?

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