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Bitstamp support cases


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Hi there,

I'm a long time reader of XRPChat on a daily base but just got the urge to sign up and share my toughts and opinion on Bitstamp.
Since day one of trading bitcoin (the good old days, being happy with 12 dollars a piece and selling a couple of honderd feeling like u made it)

Sad but true story in the end, well never let one thing knock u down, Right?

After being inactive for years, i decided to come back and try again, this time.. Ripple, investigated for a few months and decided this is a good investment for the long run (HODL as u guys say)
Seeing the whole Bitstamp registration had changed, lost my old account, well.. bad luck, 0,52BTC lost. Who to blame after 5 years! Only myself. (Back then they were just introducing the whole signing up using ID cards and stuff like so)

Recently (A couple of months back, signed up, got approved, invested a bit and bought XRP, to not look back for years even)

Lately i saw XRP rise, always a good think! So tought, lets check my balance just to get a bit of lucky feeling for jumping back in on time.
The only downside is, my password doesnt seem to match and my hotmail account got blocked (suspisious activity blabla) and you know i created this account back when i was a teenager so the security questions are random gibberish.

Emailed the Support of Bitstamp, still no luck whatsoever, included the same copy of documents needed to register with no luck!

Online i've red a couple of topics where people did not get a reply either....
So my general question here is, did i lose again? or is luck on my side and will they help me out in the neir future? what are your experiences.

Before u all start to talk crap;
- Never gamble more then u can afford to lose.
- I got a fulltime job 40 hours in IT (Unified Communications) so i dont depend on any kind of coin to make me welthy. I just like the game.


Please share ur toughts, and maybe even tips to get this resolved before i open up another account somewhere. let the money be lost and invest again.

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