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What are you using as your XRP offline wallet?


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I recently started buying XRP at an exchange (Kraken). I would like to transfer my funds to an offline wallet for safe storage.

It seems that XRP is not supported by popular wallets out there (Armory, etc.). The one linked on here is rippex / ripple-client-desktop that on github has not been developed for over a year - compared to wallets like Armory that has active commits and an active issue queue.

What wallet are you using to store your XRP? How do you transfer funds out of your "offline paper" wallet when you decide you no longer want to HODL?

I also read that when I generate an offline wallet it will cost 20 XRP (variable, decided by consensus); so when I send 100 XRP to my wallet only 80 is usable - is this the correct understanding of the 20 XRP fee?

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