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Bought Ethereum and it's not in my Gatehub wallet


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On the 14th I invested 2500 euro on ethereum and it's still not in my wallet. I also bought Ripple and that transferred very fast in my wallet. What's going on????

I have a picture of the ether chain transaction : 

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-17 om 14.35.55.png

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I'm pretty much in the same boat.  I'm left handed so I'll row on that side, you take the right.

@enej  Please help!!  Can't trade and very reluctant to send anything else through.  

Transaction id:  0xc974bf26bffa9f3e0bdd63bd887154fd6500a3baa65bd9c7dd92c59738aec045

address:   0xc510D50E2Da8DE4d0921961EC05e0C4eDaDB3925

contract:  0xA1cb7c6056ca3924B452f9ED016776dd7C4bcE5a

Support ticked id:    #121332

Amount:   5.24497916279497  ETH



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