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Online Security Question


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Question for the more tech savvy among us:

I joined one of the Discord channels that David Schwartz posted about last night. In one of the chats a guy posted a link to a Google Doc of upcoming ICOs. I clicked on it and after when I went to log in to one of my exchanges I got a safety warning from my computer (Mac) which hasn't happened before. I think the warning was about that the site might not be private (I can't remember exactly). 

Obviously I did not proceed to be log-on. I also realise this might just be a coincidence. Anyone have any knowledge about how secure Google Docs are? I assume they can be used to phish too but not certain. How do I clean my Mac? I realise these might be naive questions, but can't be too sure when it comes to zerps (and other cryptos).


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If you are really paranoid buy a cheap chrome book and use guest mode to login to exchanges and wallets and emails. I got a sweet one for less than $300.

If even more paranoid buy a burner phone for 2fa. There are really cheap smart phones these days. I have an old one I forget the name but it was cheap ASF 

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