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GateHub 2FA disable


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In the morning 16/Dec/2017 , I can not login my account Gatehub due to wrong verification code. I don't know why ? last night i also access normally.

I sent ticket to support@gatehub.net , I got a reply : they ask me to take a photo of myself while holding a piece of paper with "GateHub 2FA disable" message (with current date) and my ID.

I followed the instructions and now i am worry about how long it took to access my account

Anybody can help me? Thanks

Wrong verification code. 16-Dec-2017.png

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Hi   @enej @klasurekar @gatehub

@Hodor @namini @Xi195 @cmbartley @Mercury

Sorry for bothering all of you, pardon me! if you don't care this matter

My ticket ID # 142552 ( Wrong verification code/ 2FA Deactivation)

I re-sent my 'selfie' with my ID and current date is today 20/Dec/2017  to request disable 2FA.

My account was lock 5 days ago.

Could you help me to resolve with this situation or does anyone know what the best way to contact someone from Gatehub.net?


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Hi @Green-Ninh unfortunately you will have to wait for support to respond to you by email. They should be able to help you. You can try to reach out by Twitter but they are pretty unresponsive and busy. If you wrote down your secret key you can use Rippex or another wallet to access your xrp without going through gatehub.

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