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access to TestNet


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I have setuped rippled server on my server, if i would like to connect testNet 

I should out domain name - api.altnet.rippletest.net -  into this section:

# Where to find some other servers speaking the Ripple protocol.
#r.ripple.com 51235
api.altnet.rippletest.net 51234

end then restart rippled ... and after sometime i can make test payments ?

if yes, then when i did this, i got


/opt/ripple/bin/rippled submit sanSdxvt4UNgACYLZS1BGgxixLMHD '{"Account": "r3vEHMiCMkjmuywPjcQzauAuX7PDTuM5H4", "Amount": { "currency": "USD", "issuer": "r3vEHMiCMkjmuywPjcQzauAuX7PDTuM5H4", "value": "1" }, "Destination": "r3vEHMiCMkjmuywPjcQzauAuX7PDTuM5H4", "TransactionType": "Payment", "Fee": "1"}'
Loading: "/etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg"
2017-Dec-16 06:28:47 HTTPClient:NFO Connecting to

   "id" : 1,
   "result" : {
      "error" : "noNetwork",
      "error_code" : 17,
      "error_message" : "Not synced to Ripple network.",
      "request" : {
         "command" : "submit",
         "secret" : "sanSdxvt4UNgACYLZS1BGgxixLMHD",
         "tx_json" : {
            "Account" : "r3vEHMiCMkjmuywPjcQzauAuX7PDTuM5H4",
            "Amount" : {
               "currency" : "USD",
               "issuer" : "r3vEHMiCMkjmuywPjcQzauAuX7PDTuM5H4",
               "value" : "1"
            "Destination" : "r3vEHMiCMkjmuywPjcQzauAuX7PDTuM5H4",
            "Fee" : "1",
            "TransactionType" : "Payment"
      "status" : "error"


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