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Help request - recovering 65,000 XRP


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Do you know if Kraken.com provides a XRP wallet that I could use to connect with my existing address and key?

I've set up a kraken.com account today, but I don't clearly see anything about wallet creation and how I would connect my existing address to their wallet (if they even provide wallets). Will they do the trick for me or do I need to figure out something else?

Is Ripple Desktop Wallet legit and can I use it to connect to my existing address and key?

I started looking into getting set up with a Ripple Desktop Wallet via these folks: https://rippex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/201428603-Ripple-Desktop-Wallet. However, I'm skeptical of any instructions that include, "ignore the security warnings and open the app."

Is this software legit?

If yes, can I use it to connect to my existing address and key to recover my XRP?

Background if you care:

I purchased 65,000 XRP about 4 years ago via an online wallet. The website running the online wallet shutdown and I didn't realize it and now I cannot access my XRP.

I still have my Ripple address and secret key, so my understanding is I should be able to connect these to a new wallet and regain access to my XRP.

I have been trying for months to get set up with a wallet on gatehub.com,  but their verification process for businesses seems to be broken and their tech support is 100% crap. I report my problems to them and don't get responses for weeks at a time and then get very short responses that tell me to go back and do what I've already done that isn't working.

Given the recent spike in the value of XRP I decided to bump up on my priority list getting access to my currency and I'm now looking for other wallet solutions.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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