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Yet Another "Move ALL XRP to Nano S" Post ;)


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My first post here. Hello.

I have searched and read many posts here and elsewhere about moving XRP from Ripple Wallet, etc to a Nano S or really just any different wallet. It seems like the 20 XRP reserve is a real sticking point.

I understand that the 20 XRP reserve is required to keep an account active but what if I do not want to old account to remain active? I would like to transfer/move/export/send ALL of my XRP that is in the Ripple Wallet (including the reserve) to my Nano S. Then, close/delete the original Ripple Wallet account, etc. I just want all of my XRP in one place for now.

I am still relatively new to all of this as many of you may be as well. So apologies if I am missing some key difference between XRP and most other cryptos. But as it stands, the reserve seems like a way for Ripple to essentially lock you in to your first wallet/account and potentially keep those funds locked up forever?

Maybe I am missing something. Maybe there is a way to associate my Ripple Wallet account with my Nano S Ripple Wallet and have all of the funds be available?

Thank you in advance for any help. 

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