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Hangout On Air AMA


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I would like to do a real time ask me anything via Hangouts On Air for myself, XAGATE, and QGK.  The first hangout will take place this Saturday evening (April 30th) at 9:30pm EST and the VoIP will finish at 10:30.  A link will be posted in this thread for you to join the hangout when it goes live an it will also be posted in the chat-box.

Update:  I posted in the chat-box that I had an problem with starting the hangout on air which redirected me to a Youtube page to verify my phone number which provided an error.  I will be writing to Youtube support to figure out the issue with my account because I would like to begin regularly scheduled video chats hosted for the xrpchat community to promote community engagement in. If I can't get HoA or Youtube Streams to operate then I think that creating a channel on Twitch will probably work.

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