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Trading on Kraken when you have thousands of euro could be a mistake.


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Hello XRP family, 

I just wanted to say that with all trust I begin to trade euro to xrp on kraken, Tier 3 verification very fast (less than a day) first deposit fund 1000euro made 11th december credited on my account 10 hours later, that's very nice I bought for 5000 xrp. But all turn wrong when I made a second deposit fund about 4000 euro on 13th december, I could see that the deposit appear in my deposit limit but wasnt credited to my fund, 4000 euro status was (on hold) and because of that like an idiot I search for a phone number for contacting kraken, and guess what I was trapped and f*u**ed by scam pishing, so I lost my 5000 xrp, and I contact the support of kraken to tell about that and they disable my account for my security so now I am with 5000xrp stollen and 4000 euro that are blocked on my account, IKraken "Michelle from support team" told me that a security member will contact me "SHORTLY" but no answer. I know a lot people are writiing on kraken support but I wish I could have help faster, maybe if I didnt say that a had scam phishing problem I will not be with a blocked account and losing the opportunity to buy XRP when they were at under 0.40, who will refund all the loss and the time that I am losing... 

The thing  I want to know  why my second  deposit fund was on hold because I have Tier 3 verification and 250'000 fund limit that's why I asked Tier 3 and I trust a lot kraken when I started to trade, Maybe was better to wait for bitstamp verification, I was too happy to have my verfication controlled very fast. And also if the money was credited and not on hold I didnt need to look after a phone number or contact, is that not normal for a big website trade like kraken to have a phone number for important issue it's like they dont care of had no time to do it from 2011 to make a phone number service and have a faster customer service  and also I dont want to talk about all errors I get when trying to trade or make something on my account. 

I write so many message to kraken support to open back my account, because I am losing every opportunity to buy xrp, now for me its late to buy xrp, it was interesting to buy it at 0.20 -0.37 


So just to say kraken is trustworthy at least on some point, but I will need a very good reason why my second deposit was on hold because if it was like the first deposit I will never be in this situation, Losing 1000 euro it's not ok but it's not the end of my life but to disable my account with thousands of euro on hold and dont take quickly contact with me... I dont know what to say. What if I was with 100'000 euro on my account. I think Tier 3 customers deserve way more attention and better and faster support from kraken. 

I know for the scam it's my fault, I dont know what was I thinking when doing that, but seriously why my deposit was on hold, and why I didnt get an answer about that before looking for the scam number. It's true you can all say I was impatient, but that's not normal for a trade website where people are buying and selling huge amount and information, and the kraken plateform doesnt have a fast support like banks when you lose your credit card or someone is trying to scam you. Think about that, I hope there are not so many people in my case, It's sad because I started on kraken with all my heart and now I seriously thinking that they will not answer or very late. 


Also that's very weird that on google chrome when looking "Kraken phone number" it not appears every time the "Kraken does not have phone number support" it appears a huge amount of scam phone numbers, If only I did saw the Kraken does not have phone number support before calling these trash scams.





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