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Just started. Coinbase ID Verification constant issue


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Hello all, I just go into the xrp world of interest this week. And I’ve been trying to follow different tutorials on how to purchase some. From day 1 (.19 cent) to today (.86 cent) I’m having an issue with my Coinbase account. Ive been trying to verify my ID for the past 3 days. I’ve tried uploading image, webcam, and mobile device. But that all fail, or its pending for 5-6 hours and then fails. 

Has anyone figured this out?

ive also been looking around for an alternative platform to buy btc, to later exchange for xrp. But almost all btc platforms have horrible reviews. 


Can anyone offer some some advice or alternatives?


thank you.  

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All exchanges are under severe pressure with the amount of new recent sign ups. My advise would be to open or attempt to open accounts with all exchanges available in your region. While you may be frustrated that you've missed out on some gains, take solace in the fact that you are still extremely early to xrp. The next few years will be the biggest bull run of all time, not just for xrp but the other top coins too. 

The best way to get verified with coinbase is to you use the app on your mobile and upload your id that way. I know many people who it hasn't worked for, and also who it has worked for. Just keep trying.

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16 minutes ago, SoCalXRP said:

I’m having an issue with my Coinbase account.

every exchange is overloaded with traffic right now (you're not alone). 

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I fear that it is essentially impossible for the moment unless you already own some other cryptocoin to swap on an exchange like Binance.  GateHub is officially listed by Ripple but people here are saying it is almost totally shut down.  Crypto is breaking the internet.

All the sites that require verification seem totally backed up.  I had been purchasing via CC @coinbase but as soon as I linked my bank account, it essentially froze for the process.  I do hope someone can shed some light for us.  Right now, I think the preponderance of trading is happening between people who already had skin in the crypto world and can change it over.  Who knows what could happen if it becomes easy to purchase it, lol.

To add further complication, once your verification goes through on the account with Coinbase, if you were to buy $500 of ETH or BTC, it would still take 1 week before Coinbase would credit the transaction to your account.  I hope something changes but I am essentially frozen out of purchasing anything larger at this run up until all the verification periods go through.  Hoping next week will still be moving up.

Also hoping to find out it is possible, too!


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