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BTC sent to GateHub before Trust was Setup


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My gatehub account was verified during the signup process, then I went to connect the BTC gateway and it said I'd receive an email confirmation shortly. While waiting I noticed that when I clicked on deposit/receive I could already see a BTC address to send to. So I went to Coinbase, and sent some BTC to GateHub. A few hours later Coinbase said it was a successful transfer. When I went back to GateHub not much was different other than the fact that I now had 20 xrp in my wallet. I then noticed that GateHub Fifth BTC was disabled, so I enabled it and set the trust up. It's been only 30 minutes since setting the trust up. Will my BTC eventually come through now or did I do something wrong?



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Same issue here with ETH

I sent 0.1 ETH from LUNO to GateHub on Wed 13 Dec 2017 to inactive Ripple Waller. Transaction successful on etherscan.io but nothing coming through on GateHub. I want to use ETH to purchase XRP (20 Min) but cannot do so if ETH not allocated. Already 3 days and counting. No response from Support except to suggest "set ETH trustline". Problem is when I try to set trust line I get Unknown Error (see attached). Think its because not enough XRP. Catch 22. Please help. Wallet address rwH6KLkRhsBN1A1UDL6iKHJSx4tZcYJftz

Screenshot from 2017-12-13 21-47-20.png

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i have the same issue, i have set up an account and then i sent a bitcoin to my ripple wallet through deposit

i see that the bitcoin was in the wallet and i received an email from gate hub that i need to setup a trust line. of course i got the unkown error. and the bitcoin i sent i see they already been moved from the address i sent them too. So i dont know what is the case 

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I had the same problem. I sent ETH to my ripple wallet before I set up a trustline. I had no idea that you had to have an active ripple wallet before you could activate trust. Ticked I had roughly $350 USD worth of ETH missing and no XRP.  


Sent Coin to shapshift and exchanged it for 100 XRP then deposited it into my Ripple Wallet. Wallet was activated and I was able to set an ETH trustline.  (ETH was in account within 24 hours of trust being set.)

Hope this helps someone.  https://shapeshift.io/#/coins

Maybe other ways but this was the easiest for me.

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Just now, Mohammedism said:

TeaJay, can you explain more?

when i went to https://shapeshift.io/#/coins and choose bitcoin to ripple it shows me this message :

WARNING: An unfunded Ripple wallet requires a minimum of 20 XRP for the initial deposit. If your exchange's output amount is less than 20 XRP for an unfunded XRP wallet, your exchange will fail

That's ok as long as you are going to be depositing more than 20. I recommend 50+ the first try.

1.) Use precise

2.)Copy ripple wallet address and post it in the destination address.

3.)Copy and paste from where you are sending

4.) Leave Destination Tag blank

5.)Start transaction

6.)Now copy address and paste it in your wallet that you are paying with (Before timer runs out)

May take several hours before transaction is completed because of so much activity. Don't give up I had to leave my pc on over night.


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