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How long does it take for XRP to arrive in Gatehub?


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Hey guys,

As suggested in the title, how long does it take for XRP to arrive in the gatehub wallet?

I bought 100EUR worth of XRP and I used my gatehub wallet's address, however after a couple of hours it still has not arrived. The weird thing is that my wallet still displays ''disabled wallet''.

Do I need to wait for the verification process to actually buy XRP? Also, is my previous order gone forever?

Hope an expert can help me out.

Thank you for reading!

PS: Apologies if this is in the wrong category.


edit: issue has been resolved

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8 minutes ago, XRP-4live said:

Normally it thake a couple of minute when i sent from poloniex or litebit to gatehub. Is it your hosted wallet or refgular? 

Thanks for the quick response. It's a ripple wallet. I bought from litebit and still nothing arrived.

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11 minutes ago, Thomasio said:

There's a note somewhere in the Gatehub page, that IFFFF a not activated wallet doesn't update, you should send them a mail and they will take care about it.

I will try to find this note and send an e-mail to gatehub. Thank you.


2 minutes ago, rainbowhunter said:

Gatehub at the moment is a pile of pooh, wallet not refreshed all day, exchange not working!


Yes, sometimes it is very slow and even un-responsive. But I need to secure the XRP first!

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