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A Very Unusual and Unfortunate Problem


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Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to be part of the community - I've been following Ripple for years now.

Here's the situation: I got my first Ripple in 2014 via a giveaway organized by the World Community Grid and computingforgood.org - they opened my wallet for me. I got a small amount from that giveaway, but months later, I bought Ripples with USD through a trading service called The Rock Trading (based out of Malta). I gave them my Ripple address and the transaction went through successfully. 

Then I basically forgot about the Ripples intentionally. 3 years later, with all the growth and attention Ripple is enjoying, I decide I want to increase my investment. I manage to open a Bitstamp account, and when I choose the option to migrate, I'm just dumbfounded. It asks me for a username, but when I enter my address in Bithomp's Ripple Explorer, I can see my transaction history and everything, but my address isn't linked to a ~username. It also asks me for a secret key, but I never got this secret key to begin with as I never migrated my account out of whatever system was in place in 2014.

Is there any way at all you can help me figure out how to find my secret key or retrieve my ~username?

I would really appreciate the help.


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