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My situation..

1st) 2013 Ripple Trade wallet has over 30,000 xrp and my saved ripple name and password are not working, says user does not exist. Found an old secret key on my computer, but think i made another key later that year and cannot locate that key on my computer.

2nd) It's two years since I first opened my Coinbase account and buys were disabled when I went to login last month. LAST MONTH. That's right, over a month, buys are still disabled, Coinbase is impossible to get ahold of. Because buys are disabled, Gdax is temporarily suspended, and I've never even used Gdax!

3rd) Kraken verification pending, can't deposit // Bitstamp verification pending, can't deposit // Poloniex verification pending, can't deposit // 4-5 other exchanges either don't work for US, or don't work for Texas (are you f'in serious). Binance doesn't take USD.

4th) I decided to use Changelly as my last course of action. Declined. tried again. Double declined. Called my bank to make sure everything was ok, everything was great. Tried again at Changelly, declined. Tried at buy bitcoin now. Declined. Tried again. Double declined. Says my bank is declining the transaction, but my bank says they are letting it go through and Changelly is canceling it. Tried getting ahold of Changelly, guess what? No phone number, and haven't heard back from support.

5th) pending verification at Coinmama, however I'm going to get declined so what's the use

6th) Gatehub. 

7th) I tried sending a paypal payment to someone from this forum who plans to help broker me some xrp. 5 minutes later paypal puts a hold on the payment until it's verified buy the the person I'm sending it to, because paypal smelled fraud. Paypal has drawn that payment from my credit card, and in calling the payment fraud has put it into pending status that can't be changed until tomorrow morning when an "account specialist" is in. Meanwhile, the card it pulled payment from is now maxed and stuck with pending non-fraud fraud payment.

8th) I literally have no way to buy in and I've been wanting to for days, and I feel pretty helpless about it and wanted to know if there were any ideas out there or advice.

9th) Coinmama just approved me during this post and I'm about to click submit on a low *** bitcoin quote. I could buy more, but paypal is doing it's due diligence to call fraud on my own payments.

10th) Gatehub. Suck it Gatehub.


So literally everywhere I go with my money, I'm denied like Dikembe Mutombo. Yet, I was with ripple from the beginning, and have the "labs for ripple, beyond bitcoin" picture that we all posted back in the day at Xrptalk to get gifted ripple to prove it. Oh, day.

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All of the gigantic interest in cryptos has swamped every site and none of them can respond to tickets for days.

I know it's frustrating.  One possibility is searching your local craigslist for someone you can meet up with and sell you some Bitcoin (which you would then sell for XRP). 

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