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Bitstamp Credit Card Purchasing


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Hello all, first post here and couldn't be more excited with the way things are going. I'm trying to make my second purchase on Bitstamp of Xrp, the first time i encountered some resistance with my CC provider and was able to get them to authorize my purchase. So, today I try to make another purchase and encounter the same issue, bitstamp tells me my purchase has been declined by my provider...So I get on the phone with my bank and try and resolve this, but with no luck. I've opened up a support ticket with bitstamp to try and get this resolved. Is there anyway you guys think i can expedite this process, or am i going the right route? Has anyone had this same issue with Bitstamp CC purchases?


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33 minutes ago, PlanK said:

You're not alone.  I also had this issue with my Credit card.  A phone call to the bank from the number I had registered with the bank resolved the issue.

Yeah this worked for me the first time, but didn't work for me today...not sure why, they couldn't tell me either, they swore it has to be on Bitstamp's end.

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Back in the day I used to have that kind of issue with my bank funding online poker account.

They declined by credit and debit card.

I went to my bank and purchased a "gift card" which was like a prepaid disposable credit card. It worked flawlessly lol

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