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Nano S Ledger-XRP Transaction id missing


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Would like the members to throw some light & any solution on the below issue with regards to S Nano Ledger - Ripple XRP coins not displaying transaction details on xrpcharts.ripple.com

1. I had transferred XRP to my Hardware wallet Nano S Ledger couple of months ago.. transferred all of my purchases (4 different dates) 
2. After transferring I could see the totals are matching and the lots displayed as per the dates.. and I clicked on the listing on the wallet and it launched ripple's https://xrpcharts.ripple.com link and displaying the ledger details for my xrp purchase. I did this for all the 4 lots and I got the screen shots saved(provides ripple's ledger address, number of coins from which address etc)

Issue is today I logged into my wallet after a month or so and I could not load the ripple ledger details like I was able to do couple of months ago.  Only for one lot the ledger details were displayed on ripple site(on the url given above) the rest of the lots the message from ripple is 'Unable to retrieve transactions" 

Do you have any idea why this could be and I have sent out the support tickets to nano s ledger and ripple and to the exchange I bought from(No response yet though-will give them couple of days).

Appreciate your input thank you in advance..

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Cheers / Sats

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