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Gatehub Ripple Network Fees Deducted Periodically?


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Just found this community, seems great. I did a quick search and didn't find anything. 

I just recently opened a Gatehub account to start buying some XRP. I made some trades and then looked at my transaction history and it only shows my exchanges/buys/sells etc. However, when I clicked "export" I see a bunch of timestamped "ripple_network_fees" and my XRP balance is constantly decreasing even though I haven't made any new transactions.

What's going on with these? Will I constantly need to "top-up" my xrp balance so I stay above the 20xrp wallet threshold? 


Happy to provide screenshots if that helps.


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Thanks for the link! So it seems I will need to top up my XRP wallet balance above 20xrp periodically? And make sure if I ever make transfers out, that I leave in > 20xrp?

Over the last 2 days, it looks like total fees of .032262xrp. Does this fluctuate with network congestion/activity?

Guess I'll just keep 25xrp in for good measure at all times so I don't run into any issues. imagine that will last me a while. :)



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1 hour ago, zenkert said:

Another Gatehub issue. :lazy:
This is not a Gatehub support forum @mevans10

For inquiries about user-specific GateHub problems, please see the GateHub support website:

I know this must be soooooooooo tedious @Mercury


1) I posted in "Gateways & Exchanges" forum. Which seems perfectly applicable.

2) NanamiIsLove helpfully posted a link here: https://ripple.com/build/fees-disambiguation/ - which seems to me that this is actually a Ripple issue, not a "gatehub issue" as you put it.

Please explain @zenkert ?


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1 hour ago, mevans10 said:

I just recently opened a Gatehub account to start buying some XRP.

Do not mean to be rude or anything.
But is this not a Gatehub issue? @mevans10 or?
At least it is not a XRPchat issue.
And we are not a Ripple support Forum either.

Edited by zenkert
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