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Problems with Gatehub, Scam?


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Hi guys,

I'm really concerned about gatehub. I just opened an account today and in order to buy some xrp i transferred eth to my wallet. It is 12 hours ago and I still can't see any incoming transfer/positive balance except for 20 xrp (which I can't use?!). I thought I would get some eth in my wallet with which I can buy xrp then?

Right now I can't log-in any longer at gatehub..

Would be great if anybody could help me , thanks in advance!

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The same happened to me with Bittrex, the wallet is still blocked, unable to withdraw.

The exchanges are blocking users from withdrawing so that they cut their losses.

In other words, they control if you make money or not. It is not like a regulated broker or Casino, these exchanges don't give a F about rules.
If they want, they can take your money at any time as long as they don't lose.

That's why you should transfer your coins to your own personal wallet as soon as you buy them. 

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