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Proof (almost) that xrp will be on coinbase!


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I was watching a video online. It said that someone made a search of coinbase and xrp and found that it is pending.

I used google, and searched xrp and ripple, but only searching the coinbase website. This is done with the advanced search in Google. This is the results I got. But when you click on it It says that the page is not found. I would guess that is because the page is still being worked on.

To search it simply search this in Google without the quotes.

"xrp ripple site:Coinbase.com"


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That's weird. If you can explain to me how someone is able to pull off that when I search one specific website on Google, a page from a different website comes up. This was not a regular Google search it was Google search searching only Within coinbase.com @fastfalcon94

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For such a large user base i would have thought that they would have the top 5 or 10 listed on their site?

Surely this would bring more revenue for them?

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