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Gate Hub Issues/Questions for XRP Newbie


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I like many others have been using XRP chat to learn a lot about cryptocurrency, especially surrounding the potential with XRP. Luckily, it has been one of the few places I have found a lot of reliable information, so I am grateful for that! It has helped get me this far! People are nicer here than some of the other forums I stumbled into!

Being a newbie, though, I am having many issues. Appreciate in advance, anyone willing to give me some insight, guidance, or support here. Account verification is taking forever--I guess I have the join the club on this one. I've been waiting since last week though. Just venting.

  1. I have an XRP wallet, which I did the PayPal verification (only 20 XRP). Its saying now I have 19.98 XRP rather than the 20XRP I was seeing initially. Is this going to create issues when I try to transfer/send anything over?
  2. On coinbase, my deposits from purchases have been pending for a long time (I finally emailed support). But in theory, I know I can send some ETH/BTC over to Gatehub and  trade it for XRP.  I finally activated my 'Gatehub Fifth' for ETH, so I should be able to send those to my wallet by doing a simple send from coinbase, and then trade from ETH to XRP, right?

Anyone have any advice on how I can make XRP purchases now while I'm waiting for all of this to sort out? Someone advised me to 'not' trade any of my ETH for XRP, because I don't have very many at all, but I look at XRP as more of a long term, strategic investment.


I talked to someone who said she/he would be willing to help me fund my wallet, but backed off when I started asking more questions...it seemed like I was about to get screwed over (I was basically going to send them USD, to transfer to XRP, then send to my wallet...I know, I know, I know...but the value of XRP has nearly doubled as I've been waiting for the verification processes to take place, so it just sucks, so I am getting anxious). This person was already invested in XRP, so I was a little disappointed that they didn't help since it was not harming them in any way, but I guess I understand. I just feel like the clock is ticking.

At a loss for now. :( 



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