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Secret key invalid help!


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So I was keen to get my ripple to a desktop wallet and downloaded the Rippex desktop wallet. I was able to transfer the funds through to my wallet and it appeared there, however, I appeared to have made what seems to be a common newbie mistake and I didn't check where the default wallet was saving so when I tried to log back it would not work. 

When I created the desktop wallet I wrote down the secret key twice to confirm it was correct. So I thought this shouldn't be a problem i'll just use the key to get back in. But to my suprise the key will not work. It starts with s, has 29 characters to the sequence, I found a post elsewhere saying that there are certain alphanumeric characters that are considered "illegal" in a secret key and it did not have any of them. 

I'm at a loss as what I should do? This was the secret key that the Rippex desktop wallet displayed when I created the account there, checking the address on RPC tool provides these responses; 


However I'm not too familiar with the code behind it all so was hoping for some help!

Was there some further activation that I should have undergone once I was first inside the wallet before exiting? Is there some way of recovering my funds with this key? 

All help appreciated!

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