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Where to buy xrp


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Bitstamp all day -- and here's a write up because i'm in a good mood today:


Steps to buy XRP


1.       Create a Coinbase AND Bitstamp account

www.coinbase.com / www.bitstamp.com

2.       Purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase

3.       Go on Bitstamp and click “Deposit”

4.       Click Bitcoin(BTC) on the left

5.       Copy your wallet address

6.       Go back on Coinbase, and click withdraw

7.       Paste your wallet address that you copied from Bitstamp

8.       Send bitcoin

9.       Once funds show up on Bitstamp, click buy/sell

10.   Click Buy XRP

11.   HOLD and enjoy your one way ticket to the moon

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Binance is the easiest exchange in terms of registration, it is user interface seems a lit bit more complex than Bittrex though. You can easily register and start trading or buying coins in a very short without doing the identity confirmation tasks unlike the most other exchanges. Simply buy some bitcoin on an exchange that you have access to than you can transfer it to one of these exchanges to buy XRP. 

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7 hours ago, zenkert said:

:crigon_04:  @Alpuz

Bitstamp. I am there. Takes some time with KYC but it is worth it. I promise.

Takes long too verify though, I will make one but if I want ripple rn should I purchase on coinbase, send to gatehub, then send over to bitstamp when its verified?

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