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It's Happening? The Zerpening!

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5 minutes ago, DaftPunk said:

Can anyone explain (or try to) why this volume is at 4.2 billion USD and rising?!

Never seen it before, I would guess either testing the network or someone is now using XRP to all its glory.


It's listing exchanges as minor participants on ledger volume...so the rest... xrapid or xvia...who knows.

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This thread has veered well off topic of Ripples price rise in December. Locked. Feel free to start a new topic, remembering this section is for discussion about Ripple price and trading (not Tet

I am henceforth creating a new term- the zerpening. When a long promised/ expected zerp price raise actually happens.

Warnings have being issued. A reminder that ALL forum members are to be respectful and considerate to each other even if there are disagreements in opinion. Please do not make me post the face of

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1 minute ago, Iconoclast said:

Right I think that wall was just preventing it from drifting up with the moderate consolidation. We've seen there are more buyers than sellers for the most part. Just when there is a wall it puts artificial pressure on the price.

Me too. Cautiously optimistic maybe consolidation levels are inching up. But it doesn't smell like a run. 

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