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It's Happening? The Zerpening!

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For all af those who joined us recently, don't let this ruin you Christmas!!!! Its best you just don't look at this for the coming days and think about the fact that you chose the right crypto and just as it all came down, it wil go up and surely find new highs as practically all cryptos will do, at least next year till a real shakeout will take place leaving only the coins with real usecase in the market. At that time XRP will be king of all, so again, enjoy your holidays and just rest asure your XRP will profit for sure in to next year. Happy XRP:) 

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1 minute ago, dabaker56 said:

just thinks those same guys who were tearing their hair out a few days ago because they couldn't get verified.:girl_cray2:

are now jumping for joy.:dance4:

Haha, only if they get verified today and not yesterday

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