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It's Happening? The Zerpening!

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This thread has veered well off topic of Ripples price rise in December. Locked. Feel free to start a new topic, remembering this section is for discussion about Ripple price and trading (not Tet

I am henceforth creating a new term- the zerpening. When a long promised/ expected zerp price raise actually happens.

Warnings have being issued. A reminder that ALL forum members are to be respectful and considerate to each other even if there are disagreements in opinion. Please do not make me post the face of

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5 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

OK catching up. 

Vegas at $10 I ain't selling xrp. 

I'm going to Vegas at $10 if you guys come or not. I won't sell xrp to get there but I'll be there. 

XRP at $20-100, I'll meet you guys anywhere in the world you want. 

I live in vegas so let me know!

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Last week it was FUD and panic selling after a pump to $2.80. This week more of the same after a pump to $3.80. What's really changed? Coinbase said they haven't made a decision to add new coins yet and some new cypto investors cr*pped their pants at the first sign of FUD. 

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18 minutes ago, Keri525 said:

Rookie-ish Question again:

Wouldn’t you think the govt would be more open to making realistic regulations on a digital asset like a zerp over a btc, since it does have a clear and beneficial use case? 

I read these articles and wonder why these people don’t seem to see the blatant value in what Ripple is doing, and instead write off the success we’re seeing in prices, saying it’s bc it’s cheap and noobs are the ones buying based on hype and media coverage.

Unfortunately it will take some time for the government to sort through the mess of all the scams and abuse of ICO's before they role out quality regulations.  The big headache is the grassroots movement that started with BTC around decentralization and embracing anonymity.  I'm all for privacy and reduced risk through decentralization, but the way that whole movement paints a target on the government as enemy #1 just hurts the other blockchain solutions trying to play by the rules (and bring real utility to the table).

It's worth noting that Ripple Labs actually submitted the ILP and RCL as a proposed solution to the US government back in 2016 (I think) for speeding up financial transactions.  I can't find the original link or proposal, but yeah they've certainly positioned themselves as best as possible to fall into line with whatever regulations might come down in the future.  The entire management team and board of directors is like a rock star lineup.  I think we'll be OK when laws start to drop. B)

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44 minutes ago, Aravs7 said:

First real test for all the HODLERS ! I was looking at last year charts for other coins like DASH and ETH, they all went through similar drastic dips and they rise again. Keeping hodling guys!

That's not a test....  it's just a ripple in the chart.     :) 

Not any,  not the slightest,   not even the hint of a desire to panic sell....      It would be as dumb as MaxEntropy's bailing just before the Zerpening.

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