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한국 암호화화폐 규제 관련 뉴스


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I apologize because of my poor English ability.




"한국 법무부, Bitcoin Trading에 대한 전면 금지 결정 : 보고서" 라는 기사가 나왔습니다만..

하지만 현재 상황은 이렇습니다. 


"Korea’s Justice Ministry Mulls Total Ban on Bitcoin Trading: Report"


This is the current situation.




청와대 “버블 문제 심각하지만 … 4차 산업혁명 기술 막으면 안 돼”

Blue House "bubble problem but seriously ... I can not stop the fourth industrial revolution technology. "




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정부가 비트코인 등 가상통화 거래를 유사수신행위로 정의하고 전면 금지한다. 다만 가상통화 거래가 이뤄져 온 점을 감안, 취급업자(거래소)가 예치금 예치, 설명의무 등 ‘6가지 조항+α’ 조건을 모두 충족하는 경우에 한해 예외를 인정한다. 실명 확인 조건에 대해선 6개월의 유예기간을 두기로 했다.



The government defines virtual currency transactions such as bit coins as similar reception behavior and prohibits them altogether. In view of the fact that the virtual currency transaction has been made, exceptions are recognized only if the operator (exchange) meets all the conditions of the six clauses + α, such as the deposit reserve and explanation obligation. A six-month grace period has been set aside to confirm the blindness.

According to the government's virtual currency regulation scheme obtained on November 11, the government defined virtual currency transactions as similar to virtual currency transactions, storing, managing, acquiring, exchanging, trading, arranging, arbitrating and issuing virtual currency did. In fact, all of the current exchange business area. The government plans to submit to the National Assembly a bill to revise the bill on the regulation of similar reception.

According to the amendment, virtual currency transactions are regarded as similar reception and are prohibited. The government plans to include the phrase "anyone should not engage in similar currency transactions" in the legal clause. The penal clause is also strengthened. A similar act of receiving or similar currency transactions will result in imprisonment of up to 10 years or a fine of up to 500 million won. Under the current law, the penalty for violating the law was "imprisonment for up to 5 years or a fine of up to 50 million won". In addition, the company also introduced a heavy punishment of "punishment of 10 years imprisonment" or "punishment less than three times of unfair profit" if profits exceeding 500 million won are violated.

However, if seven conditions are met, virtual currency transaction can be done. A government official said, "Considering that virtual currency transactions have been taking place in the meantime, we will not forbid the exchange to provide certain safeguards for its users." The principle is prohibition, exceptional permission.

The government first put in place six conditions, such as depositing a deposit, carrying out explanation obligations, confirming the user's real name, establishing anti-money laundering system, arranging protection devices such as dispersion of cryptographic keys, selling virtual currency, . In addition, Presidential Decree will provide additional conditions. Considering the reality of the exchange, the government is considering a six-month grace period after the law is enacted. However, it is regulated to issue virtual currencies to raise funds, to procure other virtual currencies, to credit, to manipulate prices, and to visit sales and multi-level sales under the door-to-door sales law.

Virtual currency prices skyrocketed this year. The main in-beat coin-ins has recently shown an unstable market, including a 30% drop and a 10% increase. As of the afternoon of November 11, the price per bit coin is going up to 18 million won and 20 million won every 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, Moon Jae-in and his staff of Cheong Wa Dae held a discussion on virtual currency including bit coin at the meeting of the presidential aide. Speaking at a briefing briefing shortly after the Suwon meeting, Park Soo-hyeon, a spokesman for the Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson, said, "Today, there was a review of virtual currency trends and responses, and there was a discussion on the luncheon meeting between the president and the prime minister." The spokesman said, "The government should be aware of the current situation related to virtual money and keep a close watch on the situation,



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