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Getting XRP off of gatehub.


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Hi Folks,

There has been a few complaints about people not being able to get XRP off of Gatehub so I thought I'd share my experience last night. I decided to go with an offline wallet for safety reasons.

I think people are getting confused, as deep in the FAQ on Gatehub it states you need to retain a certain amount of XRP. To keep the the XRP wallet on gatehub, that's 20XRP (that's normal) and then 5XRP for any 'trustlines'. So that's if you've got an EURO or USD trustline setup, which I had, AKA, can you send USD or EURO's to your Gatehub account. I wanted to keep the USD trustline open so I deleted the EURO trust line (mouse over Euro an X is displayed, click that to delete it). So I had to keep around 25XRP on Gatehub for those. Secondly the transaction fee to get money out. So I left around 1XRP to cover all of that, that makes 26XRP in total.



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I don't get the problem somehow. So you want to get 26 XRP off from Gatehub? I think when people complain about something like 26 XRP at the current state they have way more problems than getting some bucks off an exchange. It is what it is and I do not get the issue. 

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