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"An internet of value exchange" Is CENTRE competing with ILP?

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It appears that Circle's CENTRE is looking to do something similar to ILP. What is your take on this? 



CENTRE is an open source set of protocols and a network scheme that allows money to flow between wallets just like information between browsers, email between mail services and texts between SMS providers. By removing artificial economic borders, we enable a more efficient and inclusive global marketplace. 


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Circle has been building liquidity privately for their yet to be released token which will be required for certain aspects of their CENTRE network.  Recently, they raised $20 million for their foundation.  Circle has been discussed quite extensively on the forum before (including by me)...

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Just now, Byrd said:

There is a token. Check the Whitepaper...

"All participants will be required to support at least the CENTRE token (the CENT) for settlement."

Oh, still concept and very early stages. Good luck to them! Competition makes Ripple only better.

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