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XRP cold storage


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I am a Canadian and I had a few questions.

I would really like to get into XRP because I don't have a lot to invest so it seems smart to me. But no one from Canada has gone through the process of purchasing and then putting into a wallet for XRP for Canadians, it might be the same for Americans. So far I know to make a Quadrigacx account to buy bitcoin, then go on Kraken and transfer the bitcoin to XRP, but now I'm stuck I don't know how to put it on a paper wallet, because to me i find that the safest and cheapest option. So does anyone know if I can transfer from Kraken to paper wallet, and if so what should I use for paper wallet.

My second question is, lets say after to sell XRP would I transfer from paper wallet --> Kraken and sell on there? or is there another market place?

Thank you

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Make a cold wallet on the XRPL via gatehub, or buy a ledger nano.

I'm positive there must be a walkthrough here.  General idea is that you set up an account in private mode and make it so you can only access with the secret key.  Send XRP there, and never log onto it.  You can check balances on XRP charts/account explorer.  Keep the secret key in a safe place, and voila. 

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Hello @e90viji and fellow Canadian, there are several guides and tutorials under links and resources and our picks (ex: some are for paper wallets ie. ripple ledger wallet keys only).

There is no direct and easy way to purchase ripple in Canada right now unfortunately, although work is been done to revise this

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