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Ripple Desktop Wallet Deposit


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Just getting into Ripple. I established a Ripple Desktop Wallet (Rippex) and was able to deposit fine yesterday and was showing almost immediately. Today, I made a deposit the same way and it is not showing in my wallet after and hr although the transaction shows complete. I verified all info and its correct. Am I missing or don't know something? 

Using on Mac OS if that makes a difference. Looks like there have been a few issues there. 

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Are you depositing from an exchange? It may be an issue on their end if you are. Use  XRP Charts to monitor the transaction either by querying your xrp address or the transaction hash from the deposit.

I also have ran into issues with Ripplex on OSX not updating the balance usually closing and re launching the application works. I also thought about building my own xrp wallet for OSX but wasn't sure if enough user demand exist to justify the effort.

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