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Which exchange do you use? Kraken is KILLING ME


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I've had it with Kraken.  Orders have to be submitted 100 times to get them to stick..their response is to try clearing my cache and try again.  Wash rinse repeat until it does.

Now I can't even send to or from the account..keep getting error messages.

What are you guys using?

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Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitstamp.

All depends on what you want to trade, but I have had success with these three. Poloniex went through a period of instability and difficult times a few months ago when it's user base surged and a bunch moved to Bittrex, since then however, service has been better for me a Poloniex. Bitstamp is probably one of the most secure of XRP exchanges and uses USD; the others use USDT (Tether).

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I use some Australian exchanges to get my cryptos, but they're a complete rip-off. There's a lot of amateurism in the exchange business, but unfortunately I don't see this changing too soon. I keep most of my cryptos in cold storage, as I don't trust them at all. Antonio Antonopoulos said it well - he doesn't trust banks with his money, so why would he trust a two- or three-year startup with it?


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Thanks for the feedback.  Seems like there are a few good options out there.  Now just seeing what's the best fit for me..

If only I could get my XRP out of Kraken now..... 

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