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DTR - Need gas


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Hi. New Member here looking to solve a simple problem.

I'm a long-time XRP holder. I was fortunate to buy XRP in 2014 based on my frustrating experiences in sending funds overseas to my suppliers. I am a holder, not a trader. Earlier this year, I put a bit more money into cryptos. I increased my position in XRP, and I purchased some DTR in the recent ICO. These are the only cryptos I own.

I would like to store the DTR on my Ledger Nano S. I very carefully followed all instructions, and created a wallet on MyEtherWallet. I have been issued the DTRs, but it turns out that I need "gas" to send the tokens from MyEtherWallet to my Ledger. As I understand it, I basically need about 18 cents worth of Ethereum to execute the transaction. Trying to get 18 cents worth of Ether is a major hassle. I was gonna just buy $20 on a credit card and throw the remainder in the wallet as well, but I can't buy ETH on Bitstamp which is my only exchange besides Gatehub. Been waiting 3 days for verification on Coinbase.

So my question is: If I send someone 3 XRP, will ya send me back .00044 ETH? Quick triple-up for you. (Double-check my math).

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