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Just a little holiday cheer!

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Patience is a virtue, take it from me.
Just hold these two things; your tongue and xrp!
You've come so far, don't give up just yet.
Your logic and reasoning bought you this bet.
I know you feel tested, your hands might get weak
but the party's not over, just begun, so-to-speak.
Think of when it's up and you wish it was down,
time to grow up and load up and strap this fool down.
Your mind runs all night as you 2nd guess your position
Have kids? I do and this will be their tuition! 
The FUD is so strong, creative and sneaky,
Makes me want to punch them in the face, make their blood leaky!

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can you believe a typo?

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4 minutes ago, tanebel168 said:

You have one shot, one opportunity

Interesting. Quite an analogy to use here. I will retort with an analogy of my own:

When you have been trained as a sniper; all you need is one shot!

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