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Bitcoin Price Will Hit $20,000 Before Tanking: Financial Expert

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9 hours ago, someguy said:

You can look at it on a grand timescale like your doing, or you can stop mocking people and realize most people havent purely hodled bitcoin since 2010.  Also, most people didnt get into bitcoin in 2010. In fact most new people got into bitcoin during the peak hype cycles at the top ($800-$1200 range).  It then dropped for 2 years straight about 80%...People lost a LOT of money. 


That reminds me of ripple....I think most new people got in at the peak of the 40 cent hype cycle.  People have since lost a lot of money in this long XRP/BTC bear market phase as well as the extremely long accumulation sideways phase of XRP/USDT.

Would you be willing to mention a year then?

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32 minutes ago, Pablo said:

If you are joining us for the $10 XRP party in Vegas, we should try and organise that!

Would be rude not too ... although the chances of me leaving Vegas with A) any rements of my hard earned crypto profit, and B) any recollection of how i lost said profit,  would be slim and none...   

However i'm confident that loose poker, marching powder, and dancing girls would all play a part.  :banana:

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14 hours ago, tartankiwi said:

I'm going to fill my future, giant XRP shaped swimming pool with the tears and failed dreams of Bitcoin investors when that bubble bursts.  

I don't even like BTC, but I want to make some money and ripple is a coin I can go back to and reinvest in after I have. 

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