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Hey guys so I'm brand new to this chat and to the world of Crypto. I have invested a couple hundred into btc, Ltc, and like 140 xrp coins. I'm just wondering what is the best trading platform for ripple? What are the predictions for the currency? Who here has faith in ripple? Who doesn't? Why? What is the best wallet? (I use toast wallet). I have many many questions but here are a few I can think of. Please enlighten me guys I'm a new comer and I'm ready to learn and ready to make money! (even if it's a slow process lol) thank you!!!

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:crigon_04: That´s a lot of questions.
Swim around for a while and search the forum for specific topics that interests you, and will find that most of your questions has already been answered numours times.

4 hours ago, Joe210 said:

Who here has faith in ripple?

This one is almost to good to be true :spinlol: What is the name of the Forum, right, you get the answer by now don´t you?

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