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Transfer BTC in too soon??


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Guys, I set up my Gatehub account and tried to send BTC to my Gatehub BTC address BEFORE the wallet was activated with the 20 XRP's.  About 3 hours later I got the XRP's in there but the BTC never appeared.  Did I lose it?  The Coinbase transaction showed it went through/25 confirmations .  Is Gatehub smart enough to figure out what I did and fix it?  Really going to suck if that BTC is lost.

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Thanks.  I hope you're right!  As far as contacting support, I did open a ticket (with Gatehub) and got the email back with a ticket number, but when I log in to their support page there is no online view into it.  Do you know if the only method to work the ticket is thru email replies?

Thanks again.

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