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hello guys, I have a question, I sent XRP from a litebit to my account a day ago only now the problem did not have a destination tag filled in because I could not find it anywhere. I have a ledger wallet. anyone an idea how I can get my coins back to my own address? i can see my transaction from litebitbank and it is sent to my ledger wallet adress, only there is l l exclamation mark (!) and a green arrow to go with bitstamp.net there. where can I see what my destination tag is. Thank you very much if 


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I assume by "ledger wallet" you mean Bitstamp account? When you login to BitStamp and go to https://www.bitstamp.net/account/deposit/xrp/ you can clearly see the address and the destination tag. If you already sent your XRP to that address without tag, I guess you can only contact Bitstamp support, explain them your situation and hope. Be aware that currently they're under heavy load of new BTC users so it won't be smooth.

BTW welcome to XrpChat.

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