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Gatehub : disabled wallet


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I have posted before without any solution or help.

Gatehub has disabled our wallet. I cant send/receive ripple or any type of currency on Gatehub and it can be very frustrating. We have sent countless emails to KLAS and support and they keep giving us the run around. They have told us since July 17 that it would be fixed and its almost 6 months later to nothing being fixed. Money is being held by Gatehub and wont allow us to withdrawl our Ripple. 

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Last night I managed to withdraw some money (before the surge too :() but the last surge, it wouldn’t let me do anything. So I just moved all my ripples to bitfinex instead. Gatehub is a fairly simple and user friendly interface but the service levels are pretty rubbish - maybe because they’re a young exchange. I won’t use them for the time being but hopefully that money I withdrew (EUR) will arrive late next week or even better, sometime this week

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