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Hey there fellow XRPChatters,

I have been playing around with an idea for some time already and reading @Hodors' blog continuously has given me the conviction to go ahead and 'feel the waters' on the idea.

As you know, the crypto space is having momentum after momentum, just look at today's results, WOW! And for the foreseeable future this will probably go on. I think we are still relatively far from mainstream adoption but we are surely heading that way. This also means that general attention to the crypto space is growing. As the whole space is in some way still in a 'wild west' stage, information from a lot of information providers is very selective and colored. I think that this area of information providing and educating the mass (the high rise in speculators) is still very green and open to new and serious initiatives. Hodor is doing a spectacular job with his blog and I think taking those basics in to a web channel format would have great potential.

Before informing of the specific idea and intention I would like to know who would be willing to participate in this endeavor. Involvement could be in different ways, like participating as information provider and taking care of it's posting on the website on to acting as an anchor that brings the information live on screen and/or participates in live discussions. Also technical experts in maintaining the website are very welcome!

You can react by posting here or by sending me a message.


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