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paper wallet options


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hi all;

i was wondering what paper wallets do you use (for those who use them).

which ones are reliable - I just dont want my newbiesm to get me in trouble with a scam or phishing sites etc. I have read the tutorials and saw some options but I am not sure if they are still valid as their repositories are not active at all.

thanks for the help./

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Rippex is a desktop wallet which gives you the secret key. It's noob-friendly and pretty known option.

e: you can delete the wallet file after creating the keypair.

e2: of course this method has many flaws and it's not a very professional method, but it's noob-friendly

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39 minutes ago, djn121 said:

I'd love to hear a good method to get all of my XRP on a paper wallet as well.

I currently hold ALL of my zerps on Bitstamp, would anyone advise against that?

If you are not Paranoid, I say it is more then OK to keep XRP at Bitstamp.
I mean, you trust them with your fiats, why not trust them with your XRP´s ?
I have some XRP there, I have no Worries.

Still I have a Desktop Wallet too, with a little more XRP wich I use to, transfer from and to to Bitstamp.

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Depends on the amount on there you have to be comfortable with if you would lose it which is different for every person.

You say hodl. Holding your coins for a long time (and not being tempted by fomo when the market goes crazy) would suggest sending them to a wallet.

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36 minutes ago, gkatz said:


thanks guys;

can anyone comment on the following project mentioned in the tutorials here?


It's an interesting concept, but I don't really know how useful it would really be. There are I guess two types of access pattern for cryptos:

1) You hold it in a wallet and don't touch it for months/years

2) You use it regularly and make frequent transactions in/out of that wallet

If your usage is 1) then do you actually trust that you will remember your passphrase and not forget it a year later? Without writing it down at all. If you did then you might as well just write down the key itself and put it somewhere physically safe.

If your usage is 2) then you are constantly going to a page and putting in your passphrase and copying and pasting it to another site. That is going to quickly get annoying and you are likely to just save the passphrase locally anyway. If you already trust your computer not the be compromised in any way, then I don't see how this option really gains you much more security.

Nothing is ever 100% secure in this world. It all really depends on the potential attack vectors, the cost of breaking in, and the risk level you are comfortable with.

I'm much more concerned that a hosted wallet company (exchange, etc) would go out of business (Mt Gox) or get compromised (pretty much all of them at some point). How much value do you think there is combined stored on one of these exchanges? Loads. Hence they are a target. One slip up in security, or a ****** off employee and it all goes.

How likely is someone going to break into my house, break into my safe, and steal my ripple paper wallet? Unlikely, they are more likely to make off with my car keys, car, obvious leather wallet, laptops, etc. And that requires them to actually physically be present at my house to do so.

Now, that is *my personal* risk assessment. If I happened to be a former employee of Ripple Inc who is sat on a very large number of XRP and a public court case over me, my risk assessment might be very different. If I were just messing about with $10 worth of XRP,  then again my risk assessment may change. And should I become a multi-millionairre due to XRP skyrocketing in value, then my risk assessment may change. I'd split my secret key in half, and store half in each of my yachts ;)


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Recently i had the same thoughts, and i did it like this:

- virtual ubuntu machine with toast wallet installed. I dont access the wallet on the windows os, just on ubuntu. On that vm there is a encrypted .zip file with secrets, backup passphrases etc

- also i made a bootable ubuntu live usb stick with toast wallet and that same encrypted zip file (just in case my computer get broken) 

- 1 usb stick with just that encrypted zip file. (if computer get broken AND usb stick with ubuntu get lost).  I store that in my home

- also i wrote down the secrets and all important information and store it in my bedroom (just in case, if my computer get broken, my live ubuntu stick AND my usb stick with encrypted zip file get lost ^^).

And i still doesnt feel safe :D


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3 hours ago, cuber said:

how do I know its legit? I guess thats the other part of my question...

for ethereum, for example, it took me a short time to understand form the community/forums/youtube that https://www.myetherwallet.com/ is the way to go

sadly I still cant get a sense of what to use with ripple...

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@gkatz That's the problem and why i also mentioned the Nano S earlier. Of course there is a certain level of risk with whatever option you choose however until the crypto world is regulated similar to the banking industry then there will always be uncertainty which you are facing now.

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