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Craziest bull run ever - Thoughts?

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Need some experts to provide insights in the mechanics behind the development so far in 2017 and possibly some short term outlook.

So this year...

Bitcoin Drama 1.0: Meet the forkers (Cash, Gold, Diamond, Silver and 2X)

Bitcoin Drama 2.0: Operation Dragon Slayer (rumors about BCH = BTC by 1/1/18)

Bitcoin - an asset that increases a few hundred bucks every day. Is this too good to be true? Anyone foreseeing a major correction? 

I would feel that once altcoins get stuck and new capital stops getting injected (this week alone marketcap +50 billion), one massive sell-off would create panic. Well then again the money from btc would flow into alts as well but we are in a moon season for quite some time. Majority of those who bought bitcoin/other coins won't be able to explain what they have bought, what are they owning and how does it work. Signs of speculative bubble. Yes, crypto is in its infancy stage, but its imminent. Ride the wave (aka fomo) or what other trading strategies do you guys suggest besides hodling? Or is that the best option? Thanks!


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It is my impression that there has been bitcoin bubble fears not just recently, but already for quite some time. The last months development though are making me beginning to think bitcoin is invincible. Seems to me people rather sit with bitcoin and wait for it to improve rather than emigrating to some of the superior alt coins. I Think its hard to get all the bitcoin users to agree on which superior alt coin to use instead, so rather than doing that they just go with bitcoin. eventually bitcoins usability will improve. with finance adopting bitcoin I see bitcoin becoming only stronger. still, it´s not really my taste and I prefer to invest in xrp which also has a real-usage value

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